Selection Policy

As with last few summers, the club will continue to utilise a selection policy for the summer season 2018/19.

By clicking ‘ I Agree’ in the Selection Policy section of the 2018/19 online registration, you are agreeing to play for the club within the selection guiding principles below.


Guiding Principles

  1. Teams are selected and confirmed from the top of the club, down.i.e. A1 is confirmed, then B1, then B3.
  2. If teams are ever in the position to play short, this will be from the bottom of the club, up.
  3. Players will not, skip a grade, going up or down.e.g. if the club has an A grade, B grade and C grade team, a player will not go from C Grade to A Grade.
  4. Should a team be short, the position will be filled from:
    1. squad first;
    2. rostered off players from other teams;
    3. casual club members; and
    4. fill-ins.The gap will be filled based on ability level and team needs. In very rare circumstances, this may be relaxed.
  5. Players will be allocated to a squad, to which they can expect to play the bulk of their games. Players may be request to play a game/fixture at a higher level, before returning to their regular team.
  6. Any player that refuses to be selected up will not be eligible for selection in the lower team either for that round.
  7. Captains are not excluded form point 5 (above) and will complete a game/fixture at the higher level.
  8. If a vacancy exists in the top team, a regular player of a lower grade should fill it.